The Gluten Bigot: TV Night Snacks

Monday, March 11, 2013

TV Night Snacks

Although I'm not much of a television watcher, Monday nights are the night I am glued to it. It used to be to watch House (I miss that show), now it's to watch the Bachelor / Bachelorette / Bachelor Pad. I know it's complete trash television but it's good to indulge the odd time, right? I like snacking while watching, and have been really into making cheese platters lately. 

The crackers I have on this board are from Mary's Gone Crackers, plus some lentil crackers. The cheese is a light havarti, a herbed gouda, and a sheep milk I can never remember the name of. Inspired by my favorite wine and cheese place, I like to have some accompaniments on the side, on this board I included walnuts and a few pieces of  chocolate. It's a nice board to put out for all to enjoy, and it plays in nicely to my Monday night indulgence.

Will you be watching the Bachelor finale tonight? What do you like to snack on when watching bad reality television?

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