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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gluten Free Options Where There is None

Wait, what does that title even mean? I happen to be attending meeting on the road this week, and don't have to option of making my own food or going out for every meal - and when I do go out gluten free options are not always easy to find. 

The hotel where I am staying has a Starbucks, so I just wanted to share a few options which you can easily find in Starbucks as they are highly available in North America. Certain tazo teas are gluten free. There are a few which apparently are not, however I stick to either refresh (peppermint) or China Green. 
Next, you can find Kind Bars at basically any Starbucks. In Indiana, I can typically find Two Moms in the Raw bars as well which are fantastic. I also have enjoyed their fruit cups. 

I have also had to concede to not dining exclusively in GF menu environments. Unfortunately that does lead to interrogations, but I have reduced these by having salad dressing on the side (and quite oftenly not using it), removing at 'at risk' ingredients, etc. as part of my order. So far so good on that front!

And of course preparedness has been key, when I was in all day and all night meetings a couple of days ago I was super thankful for the food that I brought as a failsafe. 

What strategies do you use to create GF options where there are none?

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