The Gluten Bigot: Actual Gluten Free Heaven - Helsinki

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Actual Gluten Free Heaven - Helsinki

I found the mecca for gluten bigots: Helsinki, Finland. Seriously.

My pre-trip research indictated was ridiculously easy to eat gluten free and that most restaurants had GF menu items clearly marked. Cool, I thought most will have at least some options. I had no idea to what degree of awesomeness I would find there though.

Basically everywhere had gluten free menu options. And not just two of three. Like many. And most places I went even had GF bread on hand. And everything was really good, not just GF good. Here's where I went:
Hotel Kamp
  • We enjoyed breakfast was at our hotel, Hotel Kamp. I was staying there and they made me a gluten free french toast that was absolutely to die for.
  • McDonalds. Again a hate fast food, but decided I really wanted to have fries and a milkshake for lunch. 
  • On our first night we had dinner at Kappelli. I had the vegetable casserole which was lovely. For dessert we shared a creme brulee - you just can't go wrong with it. We also lucked out and were seated in a corner table which was surrounded my glass to the outside, so it was quieter and more intimate. 
  • Cafe Ekberg was an excellent stop for lunch/brunch. I had a ceasar salad with chicken. We also discovered the budapest, a divine GF pastry with creme. Yum!
  • We had the one of the most amazing beef briskets at Kaarna Baari & Keittio. Also a delicious apple crumble to finish it off (no photos as I ate it too quickly!
  • My favorite lunch was at Karl Fazer Cafe. I had soup and they had GF bread on hand (check out the rolls pictured! And they were as good as they looked!). And another budapest.
Also worth noting: the grocery stores are stocked with awesome looking things. We went to Stockmann and bought a few things, and I think it was S-Market that had unfrozen bread and rolls which had me drooling (and I would have bought to bring home had we not had one more stop).

At Cafe Ekberg
Budapest at Cafe Ekberg
Beef brisket at Kaarna. 
Karl Fazer Cafe. Those rolls were the best.
Budapest at Karl Faser

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