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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gluten Free Oslo

Very soon after finding out we are pregnant, my husband and I decided a babymoon (or two) were in order. Clearly we live very blessed lives. After discounting a few places on our 'must visit' list we decided to do another Euro-trip. We talked about touring from Barcelona to Nice, but the idea of being in the South of France without enjoying wine was too much for me. We decided to go somewhere neither of us has gone - Scandinavia. 

Our first stop was Oslo. When researching where to eat we quickly found out fast food joints (McDonald's and Burger King) both have GF buns at no charge. I hate fast food and hadn't had it for years even before my diagnosis. 

One of the first things we noticed was that everyone knew what gluten free was. No hesitation, no strange looks, just a recital of our options upon inquiry. FTW. We ate at the following places:
Burger King
  • Burger King: lunch the first day. I had to at least try it. The bun was very tapioca-y.
  • Peppe's Pizza: Probably the most terrible GF pizza I have eaten. Don't recommend.
  • Egon (Karl Johan): Offered GF bread, I had a baked potato (it was cold and that sounded awesome). It was good, and very pretty location to sit outside.
  • Olivia: I had the best risotto I had ever had here. Great ambiance, we enjoyed the highly heated patio!
  • Pass on this one
  • Bakefri: The gluten gastronomical highlight of Oslo! I enjoyed french onion soup with an amazing roll, a Norwegian waffle which has brown cheese, their national treasured food I was advised, and butter. Both were amazing. We also had a danish to go, my first ever gluten free Danish and I only wished I had bought more, and a cinnamon roll. (Foodporn from Bakefri below)
Also worth noting, I attempted to have dessert at Big Horn as they have a GF apple cake, but was rudely turned away as we were told that to eat there you must order an entree per person. Fine, don't take my money, I will happily go elsewhere.

If you are going to Oslo, ensure you prepare yourself for sticker shock. Entrees were averaging $30 USD each, so certainly not the cheapest place to visit. But Oslo was amazing and the ease of being celiac there made it worth it!

French onion soup and a delicious roll.
Norweigan waffle

Cinnamon roll
Danish - I clearly count not wait to try it lol!

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  1. Thanks for the post and pics! I'm so stoked to eat on our Norway trip now. Can't wait to eat at the bakefri.


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