The Gluten Bigot: I'll Skewer You - Chicken Souvlaki

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'll Skewer You - Chicken Souvlaki

My favorite thing to eat at a Greek restaurant is Greek style ribs. 100%. However ribs are not my forte (at least not yet), so I make my second favorite dish - chicken souvlaki! I prefer poultry, but if you wanted to make pork or lamb, you can easily sub it out. 

The pain in the ass with souvlaki is the marinating time. I am not always amazing at meal planning and usually sort it out when I go to cook. However, since my Greek meals take a bit more than that, I usually remember/get my act together with sufficient time for the chicken to absorb the goodness. It should marinate over night, I usually do it for a few hours the day of the meal to great results though.

And by goodness I mean: extra virgin olive oil (1/4 cup), garlic (at least 3 cloves, again I go 5), oregano, and salt and pepper. Oh, and you'll need a couple chicken breasts.

Start by combining the marinate (everything but the chicken). Trim the chicken and cut into what I describe as two bite pieces. Put into the marinate as you go along, ensuring each piece is well coated. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours before cooking, ideally overnight.  

You can cook on a barbecue  or if you're in an apartment like me, in your oven. If cooking in the oven preheat it to 375. Soak some wood skewers in water so they don't burn. Then skewer chicken. I usually do 5-6 pieces per skewer, you can do more or less if you want to - remember, you make the rules! Cook about 10 minutes per side until cooked and not salmonella pink inside. Enjoy immediately!

And sorry for the lack of photos this post! I was a bad blogger and with my chicken hands I neglected to take photos. Raw chicken is unappetizing anyway.

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