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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Where to Book a Table - Gluten Free Spot in Tribeca

One of the funny things I find, no matter where you live, is that people tend not to venture too far from where I live. It is certainly true for me - why leave Hell's Kitchen when there are so many convenient options? I'm trying to shake that, and TriBeCa is a neighborhood I really hadn't spent any time in so I decided to find somewhere to dine on a Saturday night there.

I found Mehtaphor. While they do not have a dedicated gluten free menu (though their naturally GF items are noted here), they are very gluten free friendly.We were given both the normal and vegetarian menu. Our server advised almost anything could be made gluten free, there were only a few items which could not be. My husband and I ended up ordering the walnut salad with guacamole sorbet and chicken satay, and I ordered the banana lead tofu fritters for myself. 

The salad arrived first. It was really nice although I was not a massive fan of the guacamole sorbet (frozen guacamole is a bit icy in texture). Other than that it was a nice refreshing salad. I just ended up waiting for the guacamole to somewhat melt before eating it, or avoided having any of it. 

Next my tofu arrived. I was a bit concerned when it was first delivered because the onion fritters (ie
onion rings) on top - so we actually had them double check that they were completely gluten free and happily they were. The tofu was really good, the sauce on top was simply divine, probably one of the nicest flavors I have encountered. And the onion fritters were good. Not as crispy as I would have expected but I was still very happy to eat them.
After the tofu I was quite full, but our chicken satay arrived and like I trooper I had my share. Once again, one of the better satays I have had. The sauce was really good, and had a good kick to it. 

I was also very interested in dessert that night. We inquired into the status of the sundae, and our server was able to confirm it was GF after asking in the back. The sundae was very good as well. I mean, I am always happy when I have ice cream. 

I would certainly go again to Mehtaphor again if in the area, and definitely will bring vegetarian friends there (they had an equal sized menu). The decor was nice and the seating was comfy. I will note it got to be very loud. We were also privy to each word said at the table next to us - which of course can be mildly entertaining but also incredibly annoying.

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