The Gluten Bigot: Battle of the Breads - Honorable Mentions

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Battle of the Breads - Honorable Mentions

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To wrap up Battle of the Breads I wanted to highlight some of my favorite gluten free breads that you can easily (or semi-easily) buy in New York City. These are local companies that have fantastic products; if you are not NYC based, you may want to check websites for availability close to you.
  • Everybody Eats although I have not had their sandwich bread, their baguettes are incredible. A bit pricey ($8-12), but worth the splurge. The are in Gowanus and accept retail walk-ins on Saturdays. They seem to have many grocers selling in NY and outside NY as well.
  • Heidi's Gluten Free  sandwich bread is really good and you can buy it fresh Saturdays at GFree NYC. 
  • My favorite bakery, Tulu's Gluten Free Bakery, offers fresh bread. You must have a cupcake if you go there. Locations in NY and Dallas.
  • Not in NYC, but in Albany, Sherry Lynn's Guten Free sells the best fresh bread ever made. This establishment is part restaurant (with a 100% gluten free menu), part grocer and part bakery with my two favorites: fresh bread and apple fritters. Whenever I drive through Albany I take a detour here now. 
Do you have any local favorites?

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