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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Gluten Free Meal | Soup & Sandwich

 This week is crazy, last week was crazy, you know those bouts in your life where things are just a much to come home and sort out a proper meal for yourself. Sometimes on days like these I allow my husband to twist my rubber arm and order a delivery (perk of living in Manhattan). My preference is to make something myself as eating out/deliveries can be a bit much in itself. If it's a truly lazy meal I don't even go to my freezer for my pre-made heat and eat meals, just my pantry where I will open a can of soup and make a toasted sandwich.

Sometimes the sandwich is a standard grilled cheese. More often I simply add some deli meat, some spinach, and maybe a few slices of onion. I toast the sandwich in a pan, which is quite addictive once you start doing it, because it makes for a nice hot sandwich. Plus, gluten free bread is better toasted and the last thing you need after a long day is bad bread. For the soup, I grab whatever is in my pantry. I have a few favorites which I like to keep at least one or two cans/containers of. The soup pictured is on of my staples: Gluten Free Cafe's chicken noodle soup. It was quite nice and has actual chunks of chicken in it. Funny enough I dislike the chicken and always put all the chunks into my husband's. 

This meal is a fantastic work/school night meal, as well this is a common lunch at the weekend for me, especially on Sundays where I'm typically in the kitchen making goodies to blog about. 

What's your favorite gluten free soup you buy ready made?

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