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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gluten Free Breakfast - Petit Blue Dog Cafe

Apologies for the shotty smart phone
quality on this photo.
I dislike standard breakfast most of the time. I enjoy pancakes at the weekend, and will tolerate an omelette for the purpose of a boozy brunch in the city, and have been known to get down with a breakfast pastry, but generally don't want the whole breakfast shebang. My husband however does. I work from home and he will as well the very odd time, and on those days I know he'll want to order breakfast, so I was really excited when some searching brought Blue Dog Cafe to my attention.

The item the got me is pictured right, the GF Chocolate UFO. It was like gluten free breakfast pastry heaven, I knew I had to have it. Of course just having a calorie ridden chocolate UFO would be ridiculous so I also order a smoothie. Both were delicious. I can't recall the name of the smoothie I ordered here, but can say I seem to enjoy the Banana Latte best. A big pro- they options made with almond milk and coconut milk. Vegan/Dairy free win! The chocolate UFO was fantastic. It's hard to explain, the outer shell is somewhat crispy (very shell like), while the inside is some sort of molten semi-saucey semi-solid deliciousness. 

If you're in midtown and want a GF treat, I highlight recommend. And if you're in Hell's Kitchen/the Theatre District, you'll be extra happy - they deliver

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