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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big News...

Some very exciting news to share... my husband I expecting! We are 4 months into it, and so far all is well!

My first trimester was fairly rough... constant nausea, insomnia, exhaustion. You know, all fun things. I basically poured all of my energy into work and would crash afterwards - hence the absence of blog posts!

One thing I was really nervous about was cravings - what if I had really strong cravings for gluten when pregnant? So far that has certainly not been an issue, although I have found myself wishing for the ability to eat certain things. My other concern is that I mostly avoid dairy, and calcium is oh so important. Obviously getting key nutrients in now is critical so I have found my gluten free pregnancy to have a few additional considerations.

I will be doing weekly bumpdates, as well writing the odd post about gluten free pregnancy (annoyances, things to think about, challenges, etc... ) I'm hoping to get 3 posts per week - I am travelling pretty much weekly for the next couple of months, but will do my best!

I hope you'll read along on my journey!

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