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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gluten Free Sweden

My final destination on my trip to Scandinavia was Stockholm, Sweden. Ah the homeland of Ikea. While this was probably the most interesting city (we could have stayed way longer), it was the most challenging  of the countries. I didn't come across many restaurants that had GF menus and none that had items clearly marked. That said, there was a lot of awareness and options.

Where I actually ended up daily was Under Kastanjen. It was a Swedish deli with a GF menu, bread and best of all GF Swedish Meatballs! There was also a gluten free chocolate cake which was fantastic. We went for lunch one day and I and I had the soup (potato and leek that day) and bread. It was so good. Make sure and visit this restaurant at least once when in Stockholm!

Also worth noting if you take a trip to the Vasa Museum (highly recommend, we actually spent 4 hours here), the cafeteria there has gluten free options - just ask the cashier and they will let you know what they have. They also have gluten free bread on hand. As this was when my bread and soup fascination kicked off, I indeed had bread and soup here.

Aside from the meatballs, a highlight for me was having ice cream with a gluten free waffle cone at Muren. Yes, I said gluten free waffle cone! Almost all ice cream options were GF and, again, gluten free waffle cones! 

There were plenty of GF seafood options in Stockholm. We ate in a random restaurant quite successfully (I of course do not remember the name). Two things worth noting: we had read excellent reviews of Taco Bar, and it was such crap that I didn't finish what I ordered there. Also, Vete Katten was in a few blog posts and I was excited to try it out, but they had no off the shelf options (we were just told we could buy frozen bread there). Friends of Adam was highly recommended, but not convenient to where we were staying to touring so we never made it there.

Grocery stores did have GF options, but not really amazing. I ended up buying protein bars to keep in my bag (they came in very handy!). While Stockholm wasn't the GF heaven I had read it would be, being celiac was certainly manageable there.

Have you visited Stockholm? Where do you recommend there?

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